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MiSTer SNAC Playstation PSX Adapter


The PlayStation SNAC adapter allows for the connection of original PlayStation console accessories to be used with the MiSTer FPGA PSX core.


The PSX SNAC adapter for MiSTer FPGA, this stand-alone Serial Native Accessory Converter (SNAC) adapter provides a direct interface with the MiSTer Playstation core using native accessories such as controllers, light guns, etc.

This dedicated adapter is a stand-alone device and should not be used in conjunction with any other type of SNAC adapter level shifter board. The recommended connection setup is using a short male to female USB 3.0 extension cable between the PSX adapter and the User Port on the MiSTer IO board.

Looking for a zero input lag gaming experience with the PlayStation core? Well SNAC provides this when connected to the MiSTer FPGA’s User Port. This addon provides two ports for controllers and a composite port for light guns. Offering one of the best experiences for serious gamers or speed runners who require precise and accurate gameplay using original PSX controllers and accessories without lag.

The PSX SNAC adapter even works with light guns however a CRT screen is required when using original light guns, such as the Sony PlayStation GunCon or Sony PlayStation Hyper Blaster.

The MiSTer PlayStation SNAC adapter only functions with the respective MiSTer PlayStation core.

The PSX SNAC adapter requires a MiSTer Analog IO board v6.1 or Digital IO board v1.2 and newer to function correctly.

✅ Requires Analog IO v6.1 / Digital IO v1.2
✅ Optional Right Angle USB 3.0 Extension Cable
✅ Fully Assembled & Tested

Include USB Cable:

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