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MiSTer MT32-Pi Hat v2.1


An assembled MiSTer mt32-pi HAT v2.1. This Raspberry Pi HAT allows you to connect a MiSTer FPGA with an IO board to a Raspberry Pi 3 or above, intended for use with cores supporting external MIDI hardware.

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Many of the MiSTer computer cores support external MIDI hardware, such as the ao486 (PC), Minimig (Amiga), and Atari ST cores.

You can be confident in knowing each MiSTer FPGA MT-32 Pi HAT v2.1 board has been tested before despatch on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+ connected to a live MiSTer setup.

Dale Whinham is the mt32-pi project developer, the project GitHub and mt32-pi wiki contains all the information needed on setting up a Raspberry Pi 3 or later as a Roland MT-32 emulator. Additional specific MiSTer FPGA configuration and connection related information is located here on GitHub.

At I aim to support the community, by purchasing from me you are supporting the project developers Dale Whinham (d0pefish) and Alexey Melnikov (Sorgelig) for every mt32-pi HAT sold, a donation is paid to them.

✅ Suitable For Raspberry Pi 3 or Above
✅ Alternate Mounting Kit Included
✅ Fully Assembled & Tested

OLED Display Colour:

White, Blue, Yellow

Include USB Cable:

No, Yes

  1. Bazza (verified owner)

    Absolutely shocked no one has written a review yet, let me be the first. If you’ve got a MiSTer and you’re a fan of the Ao486, Amiga or Atari ST cores (and who isn’t) then you’ll need to invest in an MT32-Pi Hat. Everyone and his dog has a Raspberry Pi 3a, 3b or 4 knocking around (probably, like mine, last used as an emulator before I discovered the MiSTer project). This hat turns your Raspberry Pi into a bare-metal Roland MT32 sound module, taking full advantage of the midi tunes that accompanies many games, especially on the Ao486 core.

    Once again, like everything on this website, Nat has done a outstanding job in producing the MT32-pi. The pack itself contains the MT32-Pi, as well as additional screws, stand-offs and nuts for different mounting options. The quality of the boards, the 3d printed parts and the buttons are second to none. The board simply pushes onto the GPIO pins on the Raspberry pi.. That’s it – Job Done. A short USB 3 cable then connects the hat to the MiSTer. At the time of writing, the MT32 didn’t come with a USB cable, however they can be sourced on Amazon for as little as £5.99. The MT32-pi is an incredible bargain and more than pays for itself. Upon arrival, I simply followed the instructions on Dale Whinham GitHub page, formatted an SD card, installed the s/ware and was up & running. Cannot recommend enough.

  2. Grigore-Adrian Zaharia (verified owner)

    My MT32 PI Hat arrived in safe and sound condition, worked like a charm with minimum effort (just push the hat in GPIO pins of a RPI and follow the wiki instructions, as Bazza mentioned in previous review) Awesome product, fully recommend

    Thank you, Nat, for the great work and help!


  3. Harvey L (verified owner)

    When building my second MiSTer to go into an external case, I had a very special need for this product that was not going to have the default configuration as I needed to have the LCD that I could swap.

    I spoke to Nat about this a good while back and he said that he would do this for me.

    When the time came ( as this part took a while to come into stock ), Nat was true to his word and is shipping me a custom version of the piece.

    I am based in the UK and shipping to the UK on all parts I’ve ordered from here has been smooth and flawless. For parts that are very delicate such as anything for the MiSTer, they come very well packaged so even having to survive the UK postal system, nothing in my experience has been damaged.

    This will be my third order when the MT-32PI arrives and can wholeheartedly recommend products from this site that are well built and tested before being shipped.

    I consider the products you get here such value for money that on my second order I purposely did not use the discount voucher I had from the first order as the price point was still very good value and when you’re getting such a well built product it felt wrong to take away from the business if that makes sense.

    10/10 for product and also the service that Nat offers here.

  4. Anthony Ellis (verified owner)

    Used my trusty SC-55 with the MiSTer for a while now but wanted a smaller portable footprint. This little device is truly amazing.

    Nat’s workmanship and after care service is second to none and I will not hesitate to purchase from him again.

  5. David Moylan (verified owner)

    When I first purchased a PC as a teenager, one of the computer stores I used to frequent had an MT32 connected up to their demonstration machine. We all thought it was awesome, but could never afford such an expensive piece of kit.

    Through my PC builds I went through the whole series of Soundblaster cards – the original, the pro, the 16 and then the AWE32. The AWE32 with its wavetable MIDI was the closest thing I got to owning an MT32.

    The mt32pi project changes all of this. This beautifully crafted device pairs perfectly with a Raspberry PI 3A+ and connects direct to the MiSTer to provide MT32 and Soundcanvas emulation for the AO486, Amiga and Atari cores.

    I also purchased one of the Geekworm CNC Ultra-Thin Aluminum Alloy Metal Cases for the Raspberry Pi (which I recommend) and the combination of this and the mt32pi look fantastic.

    Nat provides everything you need to attach this to the Geekworm case. The nylon standoffs do need to have a millimetre cut off the thread (i used a pair of nail clippers) and you use the screws from the Geekworm case to put the top of the mt32pi back on. Don’t over tighten these final screws as you are going into nylon standoffs and you will strip them.

    The construction quality of the mt32pi is spot on. High quality, very clean all throughout and the 3D printed shim is perfect.

    It took a little while to ship from the UK to Australia, but it arrived in perfect condition. Followed the MiSTer specific setup instructions on the mt32pi wiki and it worked beautifully. I’m using Flynnsbit eXoDOS V5.0 Top 300 Pack and reliving all of my old games of which many have MT32 support.

    Nat builds all of these mt32pi’s in batches and they sell out fast. I would have no hesitation recommending that you purchase from him right away.

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