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MiSTer RTC Real Time Clock Board v1.3


The MiSTer RTC board is a Real Time Clock Addon Board, this is the v1.3 revision provided with a CR1220 battery backup and 3D printed support brackets.

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Some cores such as the ao486 (PC), Archie (Acorn Archimedes), BBC Micro Master 128K, Minimig (Amiga), MSX, TSConf use a clock, so MiSTer is able to provide the real time for such cores with the addition of this addon board.

This addon board provides real time offline, the RTC board for MiSTer is plugged into the Terasic DE10-Nano’s LTC connector.

You can be reassured knowing each Real Time Clock (RTC) v1.3 board has been tested before despatch on a live MiSTer setup.

✅ Suitable For Terasic DE10-Nano FPGA Board
✅ MiSTer IO Board Compatible
✅ Includes CR1220 Backup Battery
✅ Includes 3D Printed Support Brackets
✅ Genuine STMicroelectronics M41T81
✅ Fully Assembled & Tested

  1. Mike May

    This is a worthy addition to the MiSTer, great for use with the AMIGA core. Whilst not as essential as the SRAM upgrade is still good for enthusiasts. Excellent quality craftsmanship from Nathan, and quality parts used throughout.

  2. Pezz82

    Item works great and the small 3D printed supports are easy to fit and also keep it nice and safe, quite useful to have if you are using the Amiga core etc..

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