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MiSTer Case Acrylic


A transparent acrylic MiSTer case offering all round protection for your MiSTer FPGA, designed to accommodate an official MiSTer IO board and USB hub.

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Show off your MiSTer’s insides with a transparent case!

This stylish case is designed for the perfect protection of your MiSTer. The top of the case has ventilation slots to allow airflow from an IO board mounted fan, also three 3D printed button spacers allow you to use your MiSTer IO boards user push buttons as intended. Another benefit due to the transparent nature of the case is all the LED’s are still visible through the casing, finally the MiSTer FPGA logo has been laser engraved for a touch of style.

The MiSTer acrylic case is suitable for official project USB hubs, the supported versions are v1.2 and v2.1, all hub to DE10 Nano micro USB connector types are supported these being the MiSTer USB bracket and the short and long MiSTer USB bridge connectors. The case is also compatible with the real time clock board (RTC) and the audio tape input board (ADC In).

The MiSTer case fitting kit includes all required parts to install the case onto your MiSTer build. The fitting kit contains eight brass stand-offs, eight screws and four silicone stick on anti-slip feet for the bottom to keep your MiSTer case stable.

Acrylic Case Build Instructions:
MiSTer FPGA Digital IO Board Assembly Tutorial 2023
New Retro Adventures MiSTer Assembly & Acrylic Case Upgrade
MiSTer Acrylic Case Assembly Guide Analog IO Version
MiSTer Acrylic Case Assembly Guide Digital IO Version

✅ Precision Laser Cut & Engraved
✅ Manufactured From Perspex® Cast Acrylic
✅ Fitting Kit Included

MiSTer Case Colour:

Neptune Blue, Crystal Clear, Looking Glass, Shadow Grey, Acid Green, Helios Yellow

IO Board Type:

Analog IO v5.5 – v6.1, Digital IO v1.2

  1. prof.hate (verified owner)

    It’s enough case for me! I’m quite happy with it & do recommend it. The only trouble is choosing a color & never looking back!

  2. Garry Heather (verified owner)

    Looking smart in shadow gray, this is a tidy way to keep your MiSTer stack in one piece and away from trouble. I was impressed that each piece was individually wrapped and the cut-outs and engraving were razor sharp. Everything lined up easily enough and seeing the LED’s chasing each other around inside is strangely comforting. There is something about knowing that the MiSTer is not just another Raspberry Pi that you don’t get from an entirely opaque case or one that looks like an old console.

  3. Ori

    Fantastic service and top notch Mister case. After my wrong order, that was totally my fault, a replacement was sent out to me super fast, and without charge. I highly recommend, and will be buying Mister related products again. Thank you Nat.

  4. Dewey Chan (verified owner)

    Ordered a case in Acid Green and it turned out great overall. The color is exactly as pictured, maybe even better than I had hoped for. The international shipping to the US was reasonable fast. I did have one tiny thing that I noticed. If I screwed down the top a little too much, the buttons are already depressed. Easy solution is to loosen it a hair and it’s perfect. Case also looks fantastic under UV light!

  5. Baz (verified owner)

    I had previously bought a cheap case off Etsy and lived to regret it. The first thing I noticed was I’d had to file some of the metal screws down to fit the Mister into the case, consequently it never really sat snugly into the case, then there was no hole for the audio tape input board.. arggh..

    In the end I ordered this clear case and have to say I really wish I’d not tried to cut corners cos this is a far superior product and design. It fits together tight, doesn’t rattle and feels sturdy when handled also it has the proper slots for the audio tape board too.

  6. Emmanuel (verified owner)

    Just received my clear case for digital IO setup and it’s beautiful. Took just one week to get from the UK to California, which still impresses me. After an easy setup of a few minutes, everything is still easily accessible while being protected. Even my wife thinks it looks cool, and she’s a tough sell. I highly recommend this case and this store.

  7. Luke (verified owner)

    I’ve had a smoke grey acrylic case for a couple of months now and I couldn’t be happier. Assembly was easy. Looks and build quality are both fantastic.

  8. wmoecke (verified owner)

    Ordered the Neptune Blue case (more of a pleasant blue tinge that’s still clear to see through) – The case looks fantastic, feels high quality, and was easy to assemble. I’m very pleased with it. Not only makes an aesthetic difference, but the precision cut and the port labelling detail makes assembly painless; it gives a professional finish that enhances it’s overall quality.

    I also received outstanding customer service after accidentally cracking the top part (my mistake) – the seller was kind enough to mail me a replacement free of charge. Much appreciated, thank you!

  9. James Parsley (verified owner)

    The case looks fantastic, feels high quality, and was easy to assemble. I’m very pleased with it. Also I received outstanding customer service after ordering the wrong part – the seller was kind enough to mail me a replacement free of charge. Much appreciated, thank you!

  10. Dominic Murray (verified owner)

    My previous case was a garish chunky box so the Neptune Blue case (more of a blue tinge thats still clear to see through) from here not only makes an asthetic difference but the precision cut means easy assembly was easy and i like the port labelling detail also, not necessary if you’re a MISTer user but gives a professional finish that enhances it’s overall quality.

  11. Robert Pay (verified owner)

    Extremely happy with this case! Ordered it in Shadow Gray and it looks great with the DE-10’s lights up and running. The case panels are precisely cut and the port labels are a nice touch. As one of the other reviewers stated, the top panel should not be over-tightened as it could depress the IO board buttons. This is just nitpicking though, even with loosening the top panel screws a few turns there is no wiggling or play on the case due to the precise fit and finish. Overall it’s a well designed product, thank you!

  12. Ryan Williams (verified owner)

    I went with the transparent (Crystal Clear) case to go with the analog IO, DE-10 and USB hub. It looks bloody brilliant. Fits together easily, it’s one of those things which is clever by virtue of being simple. I can see the lights easily so I know if the disk is working or if a core has locked up, I can see the boards because they’re awesome and I like looking at them, and it all fits together with the spacers held in by screws perfectly. The design allows decent cooling (no signs of overheating yet) and everything feels well-made – solid and tightly fitted. I bought my entire FPGA kit here bar the DE-10 and I now have the most ridiculously awesome piece of kit. It’s an absolute delight.

  13. Morgan Jones (verified owner)

    Really great case – ordered in ‘Smoke Grey’. Looks very classy yet is transparent enough to see the inside nicely. The LED’s look nice showing through the case as well. I’m glad I went with the grey colour as I wanted a more understated look. Overall i’m really happy with it. The case went together with no issue at all. I think this design is a lot cleaner than some of the other 3D printed cases i’ve seen – i’m glad it was became available just before jumped on board with MiSTer.

    Tip: Do not over-tighten the 4 screws on the top layer, otherwise you will be screwing the top layer down too much and may find one or two of the buttons (reset/OSD/user) have limited free movement – as a result they may push slightly on the buttons on the IO board, making them quite easy to depress. They are supposed to just rest on the IO buttons, not push against them. If this happens to you, just back off with the screws a touch until the buttons have a tiny bit of free movement (eg. you can rotate them with your fingers). This is not a design issue by the way – just don’t tighten the screws too much!

  14. Jonathan La Trobe-Lewis (verified owner)

    The MiSTer acrylic case sold here is an attractive, easy-to-assemble, and well worthwhile upgrade for the MiSTer. I ordered the Digital IO version to correspond with the Digital IO Board and USB Hub, which I purchased here as well. I’ve got the Neptune Blue version, and it looks very sharp combined with the blue DE-10 Nano and black IO board, USB hub, and memory expansions sold here. Everything fits very precisely, the buttons are responsive, the laser-engraved MiSTer logo and port labels give a professional appearance as well as being helpful, and the lightshow of LEDs through the transparent casing gives a nice added “wow” factor in a dark room. I’ve had my core MiSTer setup for a year now, and it really deserved a nice case – it’s such an amazing device! I personally think that this acrylic case looks much cleaner and more polished than a lot of the 3D-printed cases, which is why I held out, so I’m very pleased that this one became available. Top marks for this case!

  15. Mike May

    Great case, in Neptune Blue. Was very easy to install with a nice fit and finish, and etched MiSTer Logo and sparkly printed buttons, the transparent acrylic really looks great with the many lights on the MiSTer, right down to the USB board LED’s. Am impressed with the quality overall, my MiSTer has been bare until now, highly recommended.

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