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BlisSTer Hub Rev.3 For MiSTer


BlisSTer for MiSter, from the creators of Bliss-Box, a combined USB hub and low-latency controller input board. Allowing you to use your gaming console controllers on the MiSTer!

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The BlisSTer Rev 3 board is an advanced peripheral add-on board for the MiSTer providing the following, a five port USB hub, an integrated on/off switch to control power to the MiSTer and additionally it has two low latency ports, these allow for the direct connection of Bliss-Box controller adapters to the MiSTer.

If you are looking for the ultimate MiSTer retro gaming experience you need low latency controller input while playing, coupled with using your favourite original console controllers, the BlisSTer board can offer this.

A wide variety of controllers are fully supported. The Compatibility List shows everything currently supported.

Improvements on the BlisSTer revision 3 boards include, status LEDS now indicating USB port status, integrated power module now protects for over ESD, USB VBUS control circuit is now implemented and the on/off power switch has been extended out an addition couple of mm for ease of use.

The BlisSTer board and the low latency API (LLAPI) are not officially supported by the MiSTer project. However BlisSTer is maintained and updated by members of the community, cores with LLAPI enabled can be downloaded here :

BlisSTer Firmware Update Instructions:
Updating BlisSTer Board Tutorial

BlisSTer Update Script:

✅ Built-In Power Switch
✅ 5 x USB 2.0 Sockets
✅ 2 x LLAPI Ports For Bliss-Box Adapter Cables
✅ Reset Buttons For Each Low Latency Port
✅ Integrated Power Protection Board
✅ DC to DC Power Cable Included
✅ MiSTer Uplink Cable Included
✅ Micro USB Bridge Included
✅ Mounting Standoffs Included

  1. Cristian Vasilescu (verified owner)

    Great board for low latency gaming with your old original controllers. Product as advertised, happy with my purchase and will definitely keep an eye out for future products! Great addition the fact that you now have an on/off switch for the MiSTer console on the board.

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