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MiSTer MT32-Pi v2.1 PCB Set Unpopulated


A set of unpopulated MiSTer MT32pi boards. These are used when building the MIDI synthesizer Raspberry Pi HAT for use with the MiSTer FPGA.

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A set of bare unpopulated MiSTer MT32-Pi v2.1 PCBs, this set consists of the top cover panel with an ENIG surface finish and the bottom printed circuit board with a HASL surface finish for building your own MiSTer MT32-Pi addon board. The PCB designs can be viewed on the MiSTer hardware GitHub information is also available on the MiSTer MT32 Pi Hat GitHub. Dale Whinham is the mt32-pi project developer, the project GitHub contains all the information needed on setting up a Raspberry Pi 3 or later as a Roland MT-32 emulator.

✅ Suitable For Raspberry Pi 3 or Above
✅ Bare Unpopulated PCB
✅ Size 56 mm x 65 mm x 1.6mm
✅ 2 Layer PCB

PCB Color:


  1. Andrew A (verified owner)

    I ordered this unpopulated board before the MiSTer MT32-Pi Hat v2.1 was available for sale. I did successfully build a working unit and I have to say that by the time you order the parts, wait for delivery and build the unit, I would recommend ordering a completed unit built by Nat as the price is extremely competitive and virtually the same cost after sourcing your own parts.

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