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MiSTer FPGA Power Supply 5 Volt 4 Amps


The best MiSTer FPGA power supply is a high quality Mean Well power supply providing stability and reliable operation with a generous four amps this will easily power all your attached devices.

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If you are looking for the best, this is a high quality power supply for your MiSTer FPGA setup, you need look no further as this is possibly the ultimate MiSTer power supply providing clean power at 5 volts and up to 4 amps, plenty of overhead for any additional power requirements.

Mean Well are a respected industrial power supply manufacturer, these highly reliable desktop styled solutions come equipped with either a 2 pole IEC320-C8 AC inlet or a 3 pole IEC320-C14 AC inlet, allowing for an input range of 85 volts AC to 264 volts AC making it suitable for most countries. This power supply boasts an efficiency rating of over 81%, coupled with an extremely low no-load consumption rating of below 0.075 W. The power supply is equipped with industry standard protection, such as short circuit, overload and over voltage.

✅ Suitable For Terasic DE10-Nano FPGA
✅ Rated Output Power 20W
✅ Input Voltage Range 85 to 264 V AC
✅ Efficiency Over 81%
✅ Power Status LED Indication
✅ 3 Year Warranty

Power Socket Type:

2 Pin IEC320 C8, 3 Pin IEC320 C14

  1. mister.fpga (verified owner)

    Mean Well sounds a bit like a back-handed compliment (bless him, he means well…) but they are a reputable manufacturer and these power supplies seem to be popular within the MiSTer community. I’ve got the one with the 3 pin “kettle” plug out of personal preference and it is happily powering my MiSTer stack (DE10, USB Hub, digital IO board, 2 x USB game controller receivers) and a 17″ USB powered portable LCD monitor.

  2. Luke (verified owner)

    I have been using this power supply with a DE10 Nano, Analog IO board, USB hub, wifi dongle, Bluetooth dongle, and 2.5” hard disk with no problems at all for a couple of months now.

  3. Alberto (verified owner)

    What a great purchase! Just get one of these high quality AC adapter units, especially if you are planning to connect several USB devices to your beloved MISTer FPGA! As usual great communication with Nat who gives me every time all the confidence to keep buying from him! Thanks.

  4. robibennobi (verified owner)

    Great high quality AC adapter. Perfect for people living in the UK and Ireland that want a decent quality power supply replacement for the stock AC adapter unit that comes with the DE10 Nano.

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