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MiSTer SDRAM XS v2.2 32MB Memory Addon Board


Fully tested official SDRAM XS v2.2 32MB board with Alliance memory chip at 150 Mhz for the DE10-Nano.

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This Extra Slim (XS) v2.2 board provides 32MB of SDR SDRAM memory for cores requiring a large (>512KB) of memory. Although the DE10-Nano has built in DDR3 RAM, it has a high latency and is not suitable for the timings required of retro EDO DRAM. So if a core requires precise memory timings, then the onboard DDR3 cannot be used.

All Extra Slim (XS) SDRAM boards have been checked under a microscope to ensure no solder bridges are present, then each MiSTer SDRAM board is cleaned in an ultrasonic bath to remove flux residue and finally each board is tested at 150 Mhz for at least 1 hour. Every SDRAM module uses the higher quality Alliance memory chips as opposed to the cheaper and less reliable Winbond chips, high quality Taiyo Yuden branded capacitors are used on each memory module.

You can be confident knowing each Extra Slim (XS) v2.2 MiSTer SDRAM board has been tested for over an hour at 150MHz using the official Memtest core (Release January 30th 2021). I also test each with a number of computer and console cores in games to ensure no issues are present.

✅ Suitable For Terasic DE10-Nano FPGA Board
✅ Alliance Memory AS4C16M16SA-6TCN Chip
✅ Taiyo Yuden High Quality Capacitors
✅ Tested For 1 Hour @ 150 MHz
✅ MiSTer IO Board Compatible
✅ Fully Assembled & Tested

  1. Jay (verified owner)

    Excellent product to add vital RAM required for some cores, now busy mispending my middle age by reliving my mispent youth.

  2. Chris23235 (verified owner)

    Bought this board and I am totally satisfied, ram clocks fine at 160 MHz, the build quality is exceptional.

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