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MiSTer SDRAM XS-D v2.4 Bare Unpopulated PCB


The bare MiSTer SDRAM XS-D v2.4 unpopulated PCB addon memory expansion board.

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A bare unpopulated MiSTer XS-D SDRAM v2.4 PCB, this is perfect if you require the printed circuit board for building your own add-on 128MB SDRAM board.

This is an optional add-on dual SDRAM PCB, when fully populated and assembled this memory expansion board offers 128MB of SDRAM for a number of MiSTer cores including the popular Neo Geo console core, for more information on assembly and additional parts required see the MiSTer wiki.

✅ Suitable For Terasic DE10-Nano FPGA Board
✅ Bare Unpopulated PCB
✅ Size 50.8mm x 23.2mm x 1.6mm
✅ 4 Layer PCB
✅ Solder Mask Black
✅ Surface Finish HASL With Lead

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