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MiSTer Noctua Fan


Enhance your existing fan by replacing it with the quiet but powerful Noctua fan, specifically modified for convenient installation on MiSTer.

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The NF-A4x10 5V is a specialized 5V variant of Noctua’s exceptional 40x10mm fan, renowned for its outstanding performance and superior low noise properties. This fan incorporates cutting-edge aerodynamic design features like Flow Acceleration Channels and an AAO standard frame.

The Noctua fan is an exceptional choice for your MiSTer FPGA, offering outstanding running smoothness and long-term reliability. It utilises Noctua’s state-of-the-art Smooth Commutation Drive technology and reference class SSO2 bearing, ensuring a remarkable performance. Additionally, with a generous 6-year warranty, this fan is a top-notch, premium option for the MiSTer FPGA.

✅ Ultimate Active FPGA Fan Cooling
✅ Low Acoustical Noise Only 17.9 dB(A)
✅ Pair of Mounting Nuts and Bolts Included
✅ 6 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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