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MiSTer Fan and Heatsink


Looking for a low cost, combined heatsink and fan setup for a MiSTer build without using a fan plate or buying an IO board, this is the solution.

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A minimal cost effective active cooling solution for your MiSTer build, if you do not require an IO Board but still wish to adequately cool the ARM / FPGA chip this is the perfect solution a super quiet fan, mounted on a solid aluminium heatsink.

Installation is simple just remove the film from the thermal adhesive tape on the base of the heatsink, firmly push the heatsink down onto the Cyclone® V SoC, next connect the two pin Dupont connectors red wire to pin 11 (5V) and the black wire to pin 12 (GND) on either of the GPIO 0 or GPIO 1 headers.

View DE10-Nano GPIO Expansion Header Pin Arrangement

✅ Suitable For DE10-Nano FPGA Board
✅ Excellent Active FPGA Cooling
✅ Super Quiet Fan Only 22 dB(A)
✅ Solid Aluminium Heatsink

  1. Jeremy Mitchell (verified owner)

    Would recommend for those on a budget that do not need the I/O board. There is a little noise after the initial power up, but after a few seconds it is near silent. It can also fit under a bare bones MiSTer Digital IO Board v1.2 PCB.

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