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  • Galaga '88 Comes To MiSTer FPGA

    Galaga ’88 Comes To MiSTer FPGA

    Galaga ’88, released in 1987, is a classic arcade game and the fourth release under the Galaxian franchise. In this shoot ’em up game, players control a spacecraft tasked with defending the galaxy against waves of alien invaders. The MiSTer FPGA arcade core is being created by Jotego.

  • MiSTer Laggy Display Lag Testing Hardware

    MiSTer Laggy A Display Lag Testing Device

    MiSTer Laggy is a hardware latency tester designed for measuring the latency on your LCD monitor, CRT, or any other display device using the MiSTer FPGA. Employing a custom core running on the MiSTer FPGA to transmit signals that MiSTer Laggy receives.

  • Splatterhouse MiSTer FPGA

    Splatterhouse Arcade for MiSTer FPGA Work Started

    Splatterhouse another 1980s arcade horror icon is coming to the MiSTer FPGA. This visceral, boundary-pushing arcade title is being worked on by Jotego.

  • MiSTer FPGA Digital IO Based Build Tutorial

    Building a MiSTer FPGA with Digital I/O Board Step-by-Step Guide

    Dangil has produced a comprehensive YouTube guide on building a MiSTer FPGA system around the Digital I/O board! In this tutorial, he will walk you through the entire build process assembling the necessary components to build your own MiSTer.

  • SW3 Switch Toggled

    Install Dual SDRAM on MiSTer FPGA

    If you’re looking to expand the memory bandwidth of your MiSTer FPGA system, a dual SDRAM setup could be the solution you’re seeking. This guide will walk you through the steps to effortlessly integrate a second RAM module, effectively transforming your MiSTer setup into a dual SDRAM powerhouse.

  • MiSTer FPGA DC Power Jumper

    MiSTer FPGA DC Power Jumper

    If you have a Digital IO board and want to minimise cable clutter this DC power jumper is an excellent upgrade for your MiSTer setup!

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles MiSTer FPGA Core

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Konami’s Coin-Op Now On MiSTer FPGA

    Another iconic and long awaited arcade masterpiece has made its debut on the MiSTer FPGA, this being Konami’s legendary Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles coin-op arcade.

  • Tamagotchi MiSTer FPGA Core

    Raise a Tamagotchi On The MiSTer FPGA

    After 3 months of work Adam Gastineau has released his scratch built Tamagotchi core for the MiSter FPGA. If you want to raise an FPGA based Tamagotchi virtual pet read on!

  • Nintendo 64 MiSTer FPGA

    Nintendo 64 Coming Soon to the MiSTer FPGA DE10 Nano

    Many said it was all but impossible, however it looks like dreams can come true! Robert Peip also known as (FPGAzumSpass) is working towards bringing the classic Nintendo 64 console onto the MiSTer FPGA DE10-Nano.

  • Battletoads MiSTer FPGA

    Battletoads Arcade Core is Coming to MiSTer

    Sergey Dvodnenko (srg320) the well-known developer in the MiSTer FPGA community, who has created many popular console cores is also working on the Battletoads arcade core. Battletoads is a 1994 arcade game developed by Rare Ltd. Featuring three toads fighting enemies through various levels.

  • MiSTer FPGA Bandai Super Vision 8000

    Bandai’s Super Vision 8000 Console Now Available for MiSTer

    Bandai was a significant player in Japan’s video game hardware industry, paving the way for companies like Nintendo and Sega. Although it’s now recognized as a great game developer, it was also involved in console development. One of their systems, the Super Vision 8000, is highly coveted among collectors and is considered a rare find.

  • Cosmic Guerilla MiSTer FPGA Arcade Core

    Universal’s Cosmic Guerilla is now a MiSTer Arcade Core

    Cosmic Guerilla is a classic fixed shooter arcade game developed by Universal in 1979. The player controls a spaceship that must defend itself from waves of alien attacks by moving left or right and firing at the aliens.

  • Freeze Arcade Core For MiSTer FPGA

    Freeze from Cinematronics Arcade Core Released for MiSTer

    Freeze is a 1984 arcade game by Cinematronics where the player navigates a frozen maze, avoiding enemies and obstacles while using a freeze mechanic to temporarily immobilize foes.

  • The Next Space by SNK Released for MiSTer FPGA

    The Next Space & Paddle Mania Released for MiSTer FPGA

    SNK’s The Next Space is now available as a core for the MiSTer FPGA, this vertical shoot ’em up is an awesome but difficult space shooter with some frantic two player action.

  • iREM's In The Hunt MiSTer FPGA

    In The Hunt for MiSTer FPGA Released

    In the Hunt (海底大戦争, Kaitei Daisensou) the horizontal scrolling shooter arcade game by Irem is coming to MiSTer FPGA, thanks to the talented MiSTer developer Martin Donlon.

  • OutRun MiSTer FPGA Core Released

    OutRun Core Released for MiSTer FPGA

    It’s Friday! If you enjoyed OutRun in the arcades back in the day, then today is an important day for you as the MiSTer FPGA Out Run core has finally reached a point where Jotego feels it is ready for a beta release to his Patreon subscribers.

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