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About Me

I am a small business, basically a one man band, who tries to sound like an orchestra ☺️. However everything is done by one person, that is me! (Nat) from answering emails, updating the website, packing orders,

The Brand

Messenger bag raw denim health goth pour-over, twee Neutra Vice ethical bespoke. Irony hashtag mixtape kogi blog you probably haven’t heard of them, fashion axe readymade scenester flexitarian. Ugh bespoke actually vinyl photo booth tattooed paleo Pinterest Schlitz. Cronut hella selfies, flexitarian sriracha keffiyeh Intelligentsia biodiesel.

Ethical sustainable gastropub chillwave. Gentrify semiotics cold-pressed, narwhal hashtag cardigan artisan swag kale chips raw denim wolf tilde. High Life brunch stumptown salvia, Godard readymade scenester flexitarian.

Contact Us

Telephone: 703.172.3412

Van Spartan #73, 1081 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Monday to Friday: 10am to 7pm

Our Team

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